Man Shares How You Can Buy a 'House' Shed at Home Depot in Viral Video

2022-06-13 07:31:24 By : Ms. Cynthia Ye

It's a competitive world to purchase a house, but one man toyed with the idea of purchasing a large shed and renovating it in a video viewed more than 7 million times.

Marcel Monroe posted the clip to his TikTok account, @marceleeeeooo, where he referenced a Facebook post that stated one can "get a house at Home Depot." This "house" refers to a structure sold by Tuff Shed, which can be found at the home improvement company.

This would not be the first time someone has purchased a shed and transformed it to serve a specific use.

On its website, Tuff Shed highlighted some sheds and what customers used them for.

One couple, for example, decided to use their shed as a "mixed-use studio."

"Half the shed is a home office and the other is an art studio, with some extra storage space as well," a piece by the company stated.

Another family designed the shed to become a private guest suite, which required installing electricity, insulation and drywall.

Photos of the completed project accompanied both posts.

Phil Worth, the vice president of marketing for Tuff Shed, told Newsweek that the company provides the structure, but they do not do interior work.

"We build sheds and garages," he explained. "We're basically building you the shell, you can do whatever you can do."

Worth said they've worked with customers who have elevated the use of the shed into something more than simple storage space, but it's also required the help of contractors.

People have taken creative liberties with these sheds when ordering them, and Worth said he's heard of people who transformed them into observatories, reading nooks and craft shops.

Worth said Tuff Shed products aren't intended for a full-time habitable dwelling, like many other shed manufacturers.

Part of that has to do with permitting and licensing requirements.

"That's not to say that a customer can't modify the structure with electrical, insulation, finish work, etc., it's just that they have to plan ahead as it relates to those modifications and local permits," he said in an email.

However, the idea of transforming the shed into a home, Worth said, is not so far-fetched. But he noted that there are specific shed models that would transform into a home better than others.

In his video, Monroe noted that someone would need to do major renovations that would make the shed into a home, but pointed out that the monthly payment may be worth it.

"She ain't bad," he said. "Don't play with her. You can't beat these prices at all. Inflation is on the rise, we're about to go into a recession."

Monroe proceeded to show the photos included in the post, which included wood floors, a bedroom area and a kitchen.

"Look at that kitchen, the living room," he said. "That's just enough space."

Monroe told Newsweek in an email that he wanted to look into the shed further after seeing the Facebook post.

"I thought the shed-turned-house was clever and hilarious," he said. "Inflation is trending upwards, there is talk of a possible recession and the housing market is truly a mess."

A resident of the greater Seattle area, Monroe said he thought it would be a "great investment."

Although the shed doesn't come fully equipped with insulation, electricity and other components that make up a house, he said it may still be more cost-effective.

TikTok viewers were blown away by the space and some suggested they were tempted to purchase a shed.

"I say we all pitch in & buy some land & start a community," a viewer commented.

One viewer wrote they would purchase two sheds and connect them after knocking some walls down.

Some commenters were not convinced and wrote that the shed would need a great deal of work to make it livable.

"LMAO do people really not know that it's just a shed with no drywall, electricity, furniture plumbing," one commented. "You still need the rest."

Monroe said he initially thought his video was on pace with his other more popular videos but realized it tripled in views and likes and has since "skyrocketed."

"It is awesome," he said.

Many have shared the process of renovating their homes, like one woman who shared a video of how she updated her old driveway for $200.

Not all renovations are smooth sailing, and one woman shared the challenges she ran into while fixing up her bathroom in numerous viral TikTok videos.

Update 4/14/22, 6:49 p.m. ET: This story has been updated with additional information and background.

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